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Habor HCP5H Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

Bullet Point:

  • PROFESSIONAL CUISINE THERMOMETER: Featured pre-programmed and customizable manual temperature setting, Habor grill meat thermometer offers different meat selections and allows you to choose from Rare, Medium or Well which frees you to guess or look up the correct temperature. It’s perfect for barbecue, oven or stovetop.
  • TIMER MODE: Under timer mode, this accurate timer can count down in a range from 1 minute to 24 hours which making it a perfect timer for VARIOUS ACTIVITIES like homework, taking drugs, barbecue, gym, workout, cooking, baking, sports, competitions and meetings.
  • LONG TESTING PROBE: With 6.5 inches 304 food grade stainless steel probe and 40 inches stainless steel mesh cable, it offers remotely monitor to your rack of lamb or prime rib and won’t get splashed by oil.
  • LOUD BEEPING ALERT: 60 seconds count down with 85DB loud beeping alert at timer mode to ensure your barbecue will not scorched again. While at thermometer mode it will keep beeping when the meat temperature is higher than setting temperature.
  • TESTING RANGE: Both Fahrenheit degree and Celsius degree are available. Temperature test range is between 32°F to 482°F (0°C to 250°C). Temperature testing is accurate to ±1.8°F(±1°C).

UPC: 632423399678

Habor HCP4L Digital Kitchen Magnetic Timer

Bullet Point:

  • LOUD BEEPING ALERT: 60 seconds count down with 85DB loud beeping alert ensures you will not overcook or undercook your dishes again. Alarm level is set at a good decibel level, not too loud when placed at your desk, but easy to hear in other rooms.
  • MAGNETIC BACK, RETRACTABLE STAND AND HOOK FOR HANGING: The digital timer is convenient to place in three ways especially its STRONG MAGNET working fine on the refrigerator.
  • THREE-IN-ONE DESIGN: You can set min/sec/hour individually. With countdown timer, count up timer and clock all in one, this timer has two modes which it’s easy to change.
  • LARGE LCD SCREEN AND BIG DIGITS: With bigger and clearer 2.6 inches LCD screen, it is simple to read the time and numbers effortlessly. Ideal for those with not the best eyesight.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: The accurate timer can both count up and count down in a range from 1 second to 24 hours which making it a perfect timer for VARIOUS ACTIVITIES like homework, taking drugs, barbecue, gym, workout, cooking, baking, sports, competitions and meetings.


Habor HCP3B Instant Read Cooking Thermometer

Title: Instant Read Cooking Thermometer, Habor Digital Food Thermometer with Foldable Probe, Super Fast Accurate Meat Thermometer for BBQ, Grill, Poultry, Turkey, Candy, Milk, Chocolate, Bath, Water, Wine

Bullet Point:

  • 【Super Fast Instant Read】 Habor meat thermometers will get food temperature out in 4-6 seconds. From now on, no overcook again and no waiting!
  • 【Longer and Foldable Probe】 4.8 inches longer sensitive probe, make sure never burn your fingers! Foldable probe is also a great design for storage in your pocket, apron, drawer. When no need, please clean the probe with wet cloth after using.
  • 【More Accurate Readout】 Habor Digital Kitchen Thermometers has Sensitive Sensor Chip and Thin Probe Tip, which control error range ±1.8ºF. This is a very excellent performance!
  • 【Convenientl Meat Chart】 Habor Grill Thermometers print meat temperature chart on the backside, it offers temperature range from -49ºF to 392ºF or -45ºC to 200ºC. The handy chart suggests cooking temperatures for basic beef, pork or chicken. You can get prepared cooking exactly to your liking. (NEVER use the thermometer in a closed oven!)
  • 【Easy to Use】 Choose F/C display inside the thermometer backcover first. Turn on the thermometer with On/Off button. Stick probe into meat or food and wait about 4-6 seconds, then read the temperature out from the digital LCD display. When used up, turn it off.

UPC: 632423432160

Product description:

Easy to Use
This elegant and versatile meat thermometer enables you to prepare perfect meals without slicing your food. Simply insert the long temperature probe into your food / liquid and get perfectly cooked food every single time. It can be used for meat, candy, baking, barbecue as well as bath water.

Fast & Accurate Readout
This digital meat thermometer will give you accurate readings in both Fahrenheit & Celsius on it’s digital LCD display. It has an 5s instant response time thanks to its high precision temperature sensor, ensures you can grill steaks to your perfect doneness knowing it wont be under cooked or burnt.

Long & Foldable Stainless Probe
This top-of-the-line cooking gadget has a 4.8″ stainless steel probe that extends to a total length of 10.3″, thus keeping your hands away from the heat when cooking at the grill . Convenient foldable probe design folds away easily and locks into base when not in use for portability and storage.

Easy to Clean
The Habor meat thermometer probe is stainless so you can clean the probe with a damp cloth after use, but DON’T submerse the cooking thermometer into the water or place it in dishwater. Because it is not waterproof.

F/C Selectable
Push the F/C button (located inside the battery compartment) to select the desired temperature unit.

Important Notice
1.Clean the thermometer and probe with a damp cloth before and after use.
2.Do not submerse the unit in water or place it in dishwater.
3.NEVER use the thermometer in a closed oven.
4.Button Battery (included): 1 X AG13 ( also named LR44), 1.5 V

Every Habor food thermometer includes 45-day money back and 18-month warranty.




Habor HCP2B Digital Meat Swiveling Head Thermometer

Bullet Point:

  • Flawlessly Accurate and Quickly Instant Read: Get the Temperature Readout in 5 Seconds with High Precision Temperature Sensor. This Habor Meat Thermometer Reads Several Times Faster than the Old Version.
  • Comfortable Swiveling Head Rotates for Easy Reading: 180 Degree Screen Pivots Enable To Read Temperature from Different Comfortable Angels. Stop Getting Face into the Steam to See if the Fish is Done.( NEVER use the thermometer in a closed oven!!! )
  • Super Large LCD Digital Screen Display: This Thermometer Offers Large Enough LCD Screen for Reading Easily without Having to Bend Down Close.
  • Portable Protective Pocket Sleeve for Probe: With Handy Protective Pen-Like Probe Sleeve, Chef can Hang the Thermometer on the Pocket/Jacket/Apron/Pant. Also can protect the 4.8 inch Long Probe in Drawer.
  • Easy to Use Thermometer with Large Temperature Range from -49ºF to 392ºF (-45ºC to 200ºC) for Smoke Meat, Grill, BBQ, Candy. Auto Shut-Off after 15 Minutes for Saving Button Battery. Meanwhile, PLEASE Not to Sink it into the Water and Clean with A Damp Cloth.

UPC: 632423389082





Habor HCP7 Instant Read Meat Thermometer Digital Cooking Thermometer

Bullet Point:

  • RAPID&PRECISE READ: The habor cooking meat thermometer will instantly display precise temperature readings for foods and liquids in few seconds. Say goodbye to boring wait and repeated measure!
  • SENSITIVE PROBE: Unlike other food thermometers, the tip of probe is designed to much thinner, contributing to faster heat transfer rate. Comes with 4.8 inches long probe, the habor meat thermometer is easy to use and will protect you from burning dangers.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN: The digital meat thermometer comes with a 10-minute automatic shutoff feature, which will keep your food&meat thermometer’s battery from getting used up.
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: Temperature measurement ranges from -50℃(-58ºF) to +300℃(572ºF), making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use in the kitchen,barbecue, grill, smoking and many more. ( NEVER use the thermometer in a closed oven!!! )
  • HEALTHFUL AND SAFE GUARANTY: Designed with 304 stainless steel, the digital meat thermometer maintains fine physical properties even under ultra-high temperature. With the protection by a silicone cap, it is portable for anywhere use and handy storage.

UPC: 632423399852


Habor HCP1 Digital Stainless Cooking Thermometer

Bullet Point:

  • Quick and Accurate Read: LCD display shows accurate temperature results in about 8 seconds
  • Auto Shutdown : Automatically shuts off after 10 minutes. (Battery Included)
  • Wide Temperature Range : Temperature measurement range of -50ºC (-58°F) to 300°C (572º F)
  • Long Probe : 5.9inch long probe keeps you from burning your hands while measuring
  • High Quality : Made of high quality 304 stainless steel and stored in the plastic tube, this thermometer is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. ( NEVER use the thermometer in a closed oven )

UPC: 632423459587


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